About JPNA

JPNA was created as a result of the City of Milwaukee’s neighborhood revitalization program.  Since 2003 over 60 new homes have been built in an area that consisted of older homes interspersed with formerly vacant, littered lots and boarded-up buildings.

We are a tax exempt 501©3 organization that focuses on community development and healthy neighborhoods. JPNA serves the neighborhood just south of Johnsons Park, which extends from 16th to 20th Streets and Walnut Street to Fond du Lac Avenue.   JPNA is a volunteer neighborhood association whose mission is to implement and promote programs and services that improve residents’ quality of life through fostering neighborhood involvement, community building, and economic and social stability.

The residents organized and established a collective vision for the area.  We believe in creating and promoting a safe and friendly neighborhood.  We will be proactive in improving the quality of life for all residents.
We understand that residents cannot accomplish the vision without receiving information and support from other resources who are knowledgeable about processes that promote neighborhood involvement and positive growth in within the community.  The entire neighborhood is critical to the growth and success of our community.  Residents are encouraged to actively participate in and lead our programs and activities.
We believe that the diverse make-up of our neighborhood should be encouraged, fostered and celebrated.
Safety is vital for growing neighborhoods into larger communities.  We will actively create and maintain a safe neighborhood by taking personal responsibility for all homes within the area.

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