In Order To Care For Your Neighborhood, You Need The Right Tools

Your individual house exists along side others on your block.  Most people take pride in their house and its appearance.  A well maintained yard that has its grass cut, free of litter reflects the attitude of people who care about their surroundings.  Isn’t it a great feeling when your neighbors share that same level of concern about their homes?  The collective positive effect is that the people not only care about their home, but they also set a standard that others recognize and work to meet.

There may be households in the neighborhood where the owner or occupants may need assistance with managing the property or behaviors of those who visit or live there.  In many cases they do not know the ‘rules’ of being a member of the community.  What resources  can be called upon to address problems?  How can the resources be notified?  What is the process for dealing with issues?

Organized neighborhoods have residents who set expectations and model positive behaviors.  They also understand the various city and county departments who are funded by taxpayers exist to provide service when necessary.  The city and county want to provide service.  They do not have as many people on staff to go out and look for problems that need attention.  However they have made it easy for citizens to notify the departments when a neighborhood needs service.

Our neighborhood has developed a ‘toolkit’ that can be used by any resident.  To learn what they are click here.

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